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unquestionable/[ʌn'kwestʃənəbl]/ a. 無疑問的, 確實的, 無可挑剔的 ...



1. decision決定

Specilist advice is available to help you choose the most suitable breed of dog, but in part, the decision depends on common sense.

2. decline下降 減少 衰退 謝絕 拒絕

The major reason for the decline of Asian elephants is the loss of their forests.

3. decorate裝飾 裝潢 修飾

It is better to reside in a bad part of town, I think, than not to live the house at all, or they buy an old house,and redesign it, then decorate it with old style furniture.

4. decrease減少 (減少)量

Schools that show a decrease in deliberate destruction of property can receive the

amount of money, that would be spent on repairs and replacements.

5. definite明確的 確切的 一定的 肯定的

I am sorry, madam, the plane is somewhat behind the schedule, take a seat, I will

inform you as soon as we know something definite.

Thank you, I’d rather look around, and I will be back in several minutes.

6. definitely明確地 肯定地 [口]的確

You’re a fantastic teacher that definitely tought me a lot about reasoning.

7. deliberate故意的 深思熟慮的 仔細考慮

A chemical attack is the deliberate release of toxic gas, liquid or solid that can poison people and the enviroment.

8. demand要求 強令

The strike of the porters has held up export orders for two weeks, Do you think it will end soon?

So far as I know, the management side has made an improved pay offer, but the

unions are just holding out for the original demands.

9. demanding費力的 過分要求的

Susan brown found that a night nurse’s work is physically less demanding than a

clearner’s, and she can sleep 8 hours during the day.

Dogs are demanding pets, whereas cats identify with the house and so are content of if their place there is secure.a dog identify with its master and consequently wants

him to show proof of his affection.

10. democracy民主(制) 民主國家

You have got to do far more to take the leadership role in protecting the freedoms, and the democracy, and the citizens of your country.

11. demonstrate證明 顯示 展示

Drugs are approved only after tests have demonstrated that they are relatively safe when use as directed, and when their benefits outweigh their risks.

12. dental牙齒的 牙科的

What kind of food is most likely to cause dental decay?

13. dentist牙科醫生

I need to find a dentist; you said you know Doctor Smith Well, do you recommend her?

Well, I had to see her a few times, but what impressed me most is the magzines in her waiting room.

14. depart離去 出發 背離 違反

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve commenced our descent in the Sydney Airport and we will depart the terminal building about 30 minutes from now.

15. department部 部門 系

The report says all the departments are making a profit except the Asian Department.

Well, Mr.smith seems to be the wrong person to head that department, One more step wrong, and he would be removed from that office.

16. departure離開 出發 背離 違反

I’d like to remind you when you leave Sydeny airport on the next international flight, you will berequired to pay a departure tax of 10 dollars.

17. depend依賴 決定于

If the earth gets hotter in new century, what will happen to animals and the plants which animals depend on for survival?

18. deputy副職 副手

Just the deputy governor of the prison said, we try to preserve the prisoners respect as much as possible by imaging ourselves in their prison. His words explained why this new prison is run in unique way.

19. descend下來 下降

So the pilot did descend to the wrong altitude then, because they were following the air controllers’ instructions.

20. description描寫 形容 種類 性質

Your description is to be no more than 1 A4 page in length.

21. deserve應收 應得 值得

Congratulations, you certainly did quite well, and I must say you deserve that grade.

Well, I really studied hard for that exam, I’ve been preparing for it for more than a month. Now I can relax for a while.

22. design設計 構想

In the past, it was believed that left-handers tended to have more accidents largely because most equipment was designed for right-handers.

23. desire渴望 欲望

At the college level, a study found 85% of both male and female first-year students desired to change their body weight.

24. despite不管 不顧 盡管

Psychologists find that despite the best efforts of teachers, these ideas have changed very little over the past decade.

25. destruction破壞 毀滅 消滅

The huge increase in human population has caused the destruction of Asian forests for human occupation.

26. detail細節 詳述

We have to make our intentions manageable by detailing the specific steps that will carry us to the goal.

27. determine下決心 決意

This experience left a deep impression on Dunant, and made him determine to do something for convicts and slaves and for who were oppressed and deprived of their liberty.

28. devote把…專用 將…奉獻給

For 18 years, Gabriella devoted her life to the poor farm children of Chile’s northern valleys.

29. diet(病人或減肥者)的特種飲食 節食

When I go on a diet, I eat only fruit, and that takes off weight quickly.

I prefer to eat whatever I want, and then run regularly to lose weight.

30. differ不同 相異

In what way, do Columbia students differ from Japanese students?

31. difference差別 差異 (意見的)分歧

Jane Brown thought her salary could make a difference between the financial struggle, and secure financial situation for her family.

In fact, many East Asians often keep their difference of opinion to themselves, and merely smile and remain silent rather than engage in the confrontation.

32. difficult困難的 難懂的

Some critics say the Poe’s work is difficult to understand, and most of their writing describes many unpleasant situations and events.

33. difficulty困難 費勁 難事

Americans have great difficulty understanding foreigners who always want to be with another person and who dislike being alone.

34. digest消化 領悟 文摘

We heard that when you were a kid, you submitted a story to Reader’s Digest.

Well, I don’t remember the story exactly, but my idea of great time then was a pad of lined paper and a new blue pen. I thought of myself as a Readers’ Digest member at the age of six.

35. digital數字的 數字顯示的

Could you tell me where an electronic products are displayed? I want to see some TVs, digital video cameras, DVD players, that sort of thing.

36. dignity莊嚴 端莊 尊嚴 高貴

The protection of human dignity inclines to core spirits of modern law on which the basis of modern law should be placed.

37. directly直接地 徑直地 正好地

Benjamin Franklin was deeply interested in science and natural history, and his experiments of electricity and lightening led directly to the invention of lightening rod.

38. disaster災難 天災

The decade for natural disaster reduction is a program designed to reduce the impact of natural disasters throughout the world.

39. discharge釋放 解雇 排出 放出

Many scientists, therefore, believe that crying somehow helps us cope with emotional situations. Tear researcher, Winifred, is trying to figure out how it happens. One possibility, he says, is that tears discharge certain chemicals from your body, chemicals that build up during stress.

40. discount(價格、債款等)折扣 把…打折 漠視

I’ve been waiting all week for the concert, the performance is said to be excellent, and with our student discount, the tickets will be really cheap.

Ah-ha, I’m afraid I left my student ID-card in the dorm.

To protect your sense of self, you begin to discount the goal. You may think “well, dieting wasn’t that important to me, and I won’t make it anyhow”, so you abandon the goal and return to your bad habits.

41. discrimination歧視 辨別 識別力

10.97% people kept the attitude of discrimination and avoiding Aids infector.

42. disguise偽裝 掩飾

Some animals hide by looking like the places where they live, to see how this works, let’s see the sea dragon, it is a master of disguise.

43. display陳列 展示 顯示 表現

All the armed services have precise regulation on how to display the national flag.

44. diverse不同的 相異的 多種多樣的

Race has functioned as something necessary to the construction of American character and quality in the creation of our national identity-American has been defined white. But America has been racially diverse since our very beginning on the Virginia shore, where the first group of Englishmen and Africans arrived in the 17th century.

45. drag拖 拉 迫使 硬拉

Well, it’s easier to pick up apples than to drag tree branches all the way to the curb. My kids pick up the apples, and the branches are just too big for them to drag.

Well, I guess you’ll just have to do for yourself, Jane.

46. draw畫 拉 提取 推斷出

I’ve just got a statement from the bank, it says that I’ve drawn 300 dollars more than I have in my account.

Well, we did spend a lot on our vacation. In fact, we didn’t know exactly how much was in our bank.

You want one, you eat two, you check the bag and find out you just shot 132 calories, we said to yourself “what the hell?”, and polish off the whole bag, the you begin to draw all kinds of unpleasant conclusions about yourself.

47. dress服裝 穿衣 給…穿衣

Hi, Michael, I can hardly recognize you, why are you dressed up today? Are you going to the theatre?

No, actually, I just had an interview at a photo studio this morning.

48. drive驅趕 駕駛

If another animal has made a kill, lions will drive it off and take the dead animals for themselves.

49. drop(使)落下 (使)降低 (使)停止 (一)滴

Friday is a public holiday. Shall we spend our weekend in New York? we could leave on Thursday night.

I’d rather go on Friday, My uncle will drop in on Thursday evening, I haven’t met him for several years, you know.

50. due預定(應到)的 應給的 到期的

When are we supposed to submit our project proposals? Jane.

They’re due by the end of this week, we’ve only two days left, and we’ll just have to hurry.

The emotional and physical stress that occurs due to odd working-hours is a prime reason for a lot of career dissatisfaction.
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